ELCHEMY TM provides strategic advisement, subject matter expertise, and applied technology R&D at the intersection of law, technology, ethics, and policy. We specialize in risk-sensitive and innovation-enabling research and strategy in the following areas: data and algorithm governance, data protection and privacy risk management, technology policy, advanced analytics (AI) & autonomous systems, data sharing, IoT/SmartX, ethical design and impact assessment for IT research and operations, and privacy technology.

Our objectives are to help executives, practitioners, technologists and policymakers in the private sector, academia and the government improve technology risk exposure, and provide practical solutions for emerging legal and technological challenges.


What is ELCHEMY?

ELCHEMY is a neologism for electronic – alchemy. ‘Electronic‘ is for the context within which our business, personal and social existence is evolving. ‘Alchemy‘ is the art and science of bringing practical meaning to chaos, whether it be expressed in terms of chemistry, physics, philosophy or the substance of our beings. Alchemy is much more multifaceted than what is popularly understood as the transforming of common metals into gold.

Our electronic information age manifests practical issues that challenge our understanding of the nature of our identities, relationships, and place in the world. These issues are the artifacts of the confluence of control structures: the law, information technology and social norms. ELCHEMY explores the structure and function of these controls- legislation, regulation, legal precedent, business process, economic infrastructure, and cultural expectations to resolve issues in our information society.